The recording of this collection of boleros "De Corazón a Corazón", meant bringing together some of the most talented musicians in Mexico. Music was recorded live, in the style of the old recording studio techniques used during the mid-twentieth century. I want to thank Salvador Aguero percussion, Celso Aguilar saxophone, Samuel Zarzosa battery, Jesus Millan guitar, Ivan Barrera bass and the sound engineer in charge Arcadio Hernandez for their excellent participation.

Thanks to Maestro Willy Gutierrez who, through his extensive experience, was able to aid in the distribution of this work, and Denisse Gutierrez for her ability to coordinate the elements that made this production a memorable experience.

I also want to thank the great musicians, composers and Mexican lyricists: Luis Arcaraz, Mario Molina, Ernesto Cortazar, Gabriel Ruiz and Ruben Fuentes, as they are all architects of many of the best boleros of all time. Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the fascinating musical heritage that Mexico has offered the world.

Alan Rozz